THE CONCEPT is the international branch of Freezone ( It has been set up for skydivers and wind-tunnel flyers from around the world who wish to train indoor (with international renown coach).
We are proud to be the only complex on earth to offer 2 wind tunnels on the same location. Should we add that our prices beat all our concurrents, that there are big DZ’s around and we just love flying as much as you do ? We invite you to join us here, the way you want, when you want.

You choose the best option

- You can reach us on the tunnel camp we organize
- You have an existing group: we organize your flying and your own camps
- You are willing to coach and come up with your students
In any case, you will only have one contact who will manage all the aspects of your trip (visa, booking accommodation and flight hour, transfer, DZ …) Doesn’t that make your life easier ?


How come you dont know


Freezone is the 9th SkyVenture tunnel and the first in Eastern Europe. Freezone is a private company that offers two tunnels on the same place, which makes us unique. The 12ft opened in March 2007 and the 16ft opened in October 2009. We are located about 40km, south of Moscow (google map)
Apart all the indoor skydiving facilities, our complex have a restaurant and bungalows. You don’t need a car, just a jumpsuit…



The skydive

The two largest DZ’s are working throughout the year (in winter, only on week-ends) and they are not far ! Hips of loads, Turbolet, MI8,  great atmosphere, wide range of accommodations, some of the cheapest prices in Europe ( around 17euros/jump)…Make friends in the tunnel and jump with them .
Pushino, 50 km :
Aerograd Kolomna, 120 km :

The big question

Now the legitimate question you ask yourself is “why coming to Freezone to fly while others wind tunnels might be closer to me? ”

The “here and nowhere else” section will tell you all….


Why you will come


This is where we proove you that you will never want to go anywhere else …In Europe, there is no fewer than 15 wind tunnels. The choice is vast so the question you ask is natural. Why coming to us ? (that may be closer to home is another wind tunnel, you know the coaches and they speak your language…) here we go for the facts :

Struggle against the a priori 

- Staying in Russia requires a visa for citizens of some countries. This is easily achieved in less than 2 weeks and requires no special conditions contrary to popular belief.

- Despite the costs of a visa and a plane ticket, the cost of a wind tunnel trip in Russia  (or skydive) remains lower than elsewhere .


Train in the 12ft on a one to one style and then jump in the 16ft with your friends : share your time in the big tunnel, have tons of fun and get the cheapest price ever !!

Get in the game and



 Now send us an email and we will gladly send you back our brochure with all the useful informations about the tunnels and the camps….(full trip prices, hotel, how to, visa informations, travel tips…) and please don’t forget to look at the Event page for the next camp, on the blog for the freshest news and our facebook page for many goodies… And now you are done… It is as simple as that !


What we do best


The blog gives you the freshest news and the event page tells you about the next camps in Freezone. All our camps are for any levels, and any style of flying. Here are the very next ones. Send us an email for the brochure and all the infos about the camps.

Along with the french guys from the FreeFly Family, we will organize one week at the end of April ( starting on the 26th ) of tunnel camp,  followed by a week on Kolomna DZ)

here are the dates for the tunnel camp :  april 26th to may 2nd.

we will organize a 2 weeks camp this summer ( what a great combination with the russian blue sky for some tunnel/skydiving summer…) soon the dates

and of course, more camps coming soon but just remember : you are a small group (or a large one !!) just give us your dates and we will organize your venue anytime.


Our latest news in the

Blog Section

What a great time !

The Kung Fu Master Tunnel Academy gathered 15 people for more than 60 hours !! The rate between euros and rubles makes it so cheap that all people flew a lot !! Just check out the pix here, all the flyers reach the “sit fly” level at least !! Now time to think about april […]

German invasion

This is the first of its kind !! Our german new friends came to us for lots of fun and flying. Yes Bottrop wind tunnel is located in Germany…So what ?? Those guys knows the story ! You want to fly a lot ? No wonder, we are the best place to fly : 2 […]

New camps registration is open

All right guys, as you saw on the “event” pages, we just put on line the next 2 camps : in Februray, we will be hosting all the german flyers In March, the french and some international people as well. So if you are german, you will be happy to see the online version in […]

Fly with the pros camp is over

It is done and well done !! people went back home with big smiles on their faces. As usual all the flyers did huge progress and just now wait for the next camp. Have a look at the portfolio to see what you have missed !! folio camp

New camp t-shirts

The t-shirts from the camp just arrived yesterday. The flyers of the “fly with the pros” camp will happily wear them within a week… Some photos coming up very soon…

It’s a new dawn

It’s a new day for all of us and a new era for you, the flyers, as well ! Indeed, you have now a dedicated website. We know that not all of you were aware of our existence and we wont blame you for that. But now you will have no more excuses ! As you […]


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